We’ve just deployed Lumenous for business users and today, two of the providers supported in our application have combined. Or as we would put it, two of the 5 C’s of business creditworthiness can now be supported through links to a single company.

Businesses using Lumenous find a framework that helps them create a complete profile for standard commercial credit evaluations. Our engineering focus has been on managing user-supplied financial data, making it easy and safe to selectively and privately share it to meet diverse disclosure and reporting needs.

For the rest of a complete profile and to make sure any invited stakeholders review financial data in the right context character, we recommend linking to other online services a business already uses. For example, link management team profiles from LinkedIn and company presentations posted in Slideshare.

We don’t expect this acquisition to have any immediate impact on our application or users but it looks like a very good deal long-term. Congrats especially to our friends at Slideshare!